Are you planning to use CAT tools during the translation process? If yes, this is a great decision because you will be able to do the translation very effectively within a short time. This article looks at some of the benefits you get by using the cat tools. However, before going deep to some of the benefits, it is good to gain more understanding of the tools.

A cat tool is a language translation in which you use computer software to facilitate and support the translation process. It is good to distinguish between machine translation and cat tool translation. Machine tools translation is done completely by a machine and lacks quality and accuracy because of lack of context and other factors that arise during the translation. However, translation carried out using the cat tool has the accuracy required, thus it is far much better than the translation machines. The emergence of the tools date back to the 1990’s as a result of the high demand of translation services worldwide. Here are the benefits of using the tools.


It is important for any translation service to use the tools to optimize and enhance its translation service. By using the tools you will have consistency in your work. You will have consistent terminology within files and in the entire project that you are working on. This is more important when you are doing technical translation. The tools enable projects to have standardized glossaries. This means that the tools allow terminologies to be used consistently in a project. Therefore, confusion that arises as a result of inconsistency of use of similar terms in a document is eliminated.

The tools enhance the creation of rapidly and easily retrievable terminology card and glossaries. They make it easier for you to create terminology databases. It is also possible to customize the categories given to describe the expression. This is more important for those clients who require similar type of text to be translated. The tools will ensure that consistency of terminology will be achieved throughout their projects.

Consistency in terms is also attained by use of translation memories which are developed from the previous translations to be used in future projects.

 In addition, the translation memories allow you to increase productivity and be able to manage workload more efficiently.This will ensure that you meet the deadline given by clients without compromising quality.

Enable you to work with a wide range of formats

Another major advantage of using cat tools that is you have the option to work with more formats other than PowerPoint, excel, visual studio, XML, html and java without modification of the format. This means that you will be able to work fast and meet deadlines because you do not waste a lot of time formatting files. The good thing is that the tools focus exclusively on translating the documents.

Bottom line

With all the above benefits, you do not have to struggle anymore when doing the translation. All you need is to get the tools from reputable provider and you will experience huge difference in your translation service productivity.

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